You Probably Won’t Survive an EMP Without This

In This Short Video You Will Discover:

  • The 70 Ingenious Easy-To-Make projects you NEED to become 100% self-sufficient in a long-term blackout
  • The ONLY 5 Long Lasting Super Foods you need to make to survive when SHTF
  • How a possible civil conflict can change our lives in the months to come
  • Amish “Powers” You Should Master Before the Next Crisis
  • Backyard Traps and Alarms against rioters and looters

Who is Michael Major?

Hi, my name is Michael Major and I am the main author of the book No Grid Survival Projects.

I’m a 40-year-old father of two. I proudly served my country for 7 years as an infantry soldier, spending almost seven months overseas as a NATO peacekeeper. During that time, I’ve witnessed first-hand how quickly the social fabric of a civilized country can unravel during a widespread disaster, and how many innocent people end up suffering as a result.

After my time in the Army, I became a welder and fabricator working in the aerospace field. During that time, I built many parts and tools for Boeing. As you can imagine, in the aerospace industry, there is no room for error, so I had to become precise to the nth degree with everything I did. What I discovered is that with any project, it’s often the smallest details that make the greatest difference. This is why all my instructions and sketches are extremely precise—without leaving anything out—for the projects that I told you about so that anyone can rebuild them easily, not like those instructions from IKEA when you have to guess some of the steps yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be at the mercy of others. I want to be able to protect myself, my wife, and my two boys no matter what’s happening around us. And I want to be able to do this safely, at home, because in a collapsed world, once you leave your home, you are at the mercy of others.

At the same time, the projects that I developed, can help you save money and become self-sufficient and independent on your own property and on your own terms.

Here's Just a Glimpse of What You'll Find in

'No Grid Survival Projects':

Inside you will find 70 ingenious projects that can help you protect your own family in times of economic crisis, long-term blackouts, riots, hyperinflation, hurricanes, martial law, or other unforeseen events that may come our way.

But the immediate payoff of having these projects is that they make you independent and self-sufficient on your own property. You don’t want to depend on anyone for your basic needs!

It only makes sense financially to start producing some of the stuff you need at home instead of making other people rich. The money you save each month adds up over time, so these projects will pay for themselves and turn you a steady profit afterward.

I choose to save all these projects in a physical book so that you can still have access to them in a blackout or after an EMP. But, I also made videos for each project showing you how I did it, and all you need to do is follow me step by step from start to finish, no matter if you choose to use the book or the videos. You will receive both anyway.

All my instructions and sketches are extremely precise, without leaving anything out, so that anyone can rebuild them easily, not like those instructions from IKEA when you have to guess some of the steps yourself.

Inside you'll also find pictures along the way, with materials needed and where to get them cheap as well as links where you can order the exact same materials I used. This way there’s no room for error as we are using the same stuff.

For every project, you will find at the very beginning the cost of materials, the difficulty level, and the time needed to complete it. That way you have every piece of information you need from the get-go, and you can always plan ahead.

Here are just some of the Projects You’ll Find Inside:

All of the projects that I am about to show you are extremely cheap to make. In fact, these projects are best for people who don’t have much and want to save money rather than for the wealthy who don’t care about their monthly bills.

They do NOT require a lot of time to build. I am working a full-time job and have a family that I spend time with, so you can make these projects in your spare time too.

It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, young or old; it’s never too late or too soon to start being more self-sufficient, being more prepared, or saving money.

How to Make Water out of Thin Air

Imagine still having this endless source of drinking water, even if the tap goes dry or when electric pumps stop working after an EMP or in a blackout.

This small condensation device works especially well during Summer. The warmer the weather outside, the more water vapor is available in the air for your device to condensate into pure water.

Pressurized Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System

You’ll discover how to create an ingenious rainwater harvesting system capable of storing 165 gallons of water that would otherwise just go to waste.

Because the water is stored vertically, it’s also pressurized by gravity, and you’ll be able to use it without a pump or siphon.

This project took me about three hours to complete, and you could use it for a lifetime to irrigate your garden. And if you connect it to the water filter I’m about to show you, then you will also have clean water to drink and cook with.

The Backyard Power Plant

(and battery bank)

The Backyard Power Plant is an independent, DIY solar energy system that’s designed to keep a small fridge, a TV, and a laptop running during a blackout or after an EMP.


This type of system makes the most sense to me because the solar panels, the battery bank, and all the other components would not be affected by an EMP directly as they have no circuits within. You can also use the backyard power plant to keep the lights on, charge your phone, run the air conditioning, and keep other critical appliances alive in a grid-down situation.

A diesel or propane generator makes a lot of noise that will attract unwanted attention, and the fuel for a 20-kilowatt generator costs around $200 per day. That would be around $6,000 a month if you use it each day. Unlike a diesel generator, the Backyard Power Plant costs nothing to operate.

In the detailed videos and chapter dedicated to building this ingenious system, you’ll see where to buy the most reliable and inexpensive components, from solar panels to inverters and controllers, and how to assemble and wire everything correctly, even if your electrical skills are non-existent.

How to Make Black Powder At Home

You’ll discover how to make black powder the old-fashioned way with only three ingredients that you can purchase legally on Amazon or at Walmart. Black powder has many survival uses, but most importantly, knowing how to make your own means you’ll always have a way left to defend your property during dark times.

The Hidden Food Growing Fence

With this simple project, you can turn an idle fence into a hidden but beautiful garden. You can make it from wooden planters or even discarded pallets. Even people who pass by, looking over the fence would not see it.

Automatic Backyard Traps and Alarms

for Looters and Intruders

You’ll also discover how to protect yourself and your family from looters and dangerous intruders that can surprise you in your sleep. Preventing someone from entering your home starts at the property line. You’ll need to set up traps like the hidden razor-blade wire, the camouflaged spike trap, or the tripwire alarm that wakes you up when someone is sneaking in your yard.

How to Build a Small Hydro Generator For 24/7 Free Electricity

A river does not stop flowing, unlike the wind, which sometimes stops blowing. It does not become obscured by clouds like the sun.

So this endless water energy is really one of the most reliable you can tap into. This small water generator I’ll help you build can be adjusted and scaled up to become a constant battery bank supplier and power your home appliances.

The Best Way to Communicate After an EMP

I’m also going to show you how you can legally turn your CB car radio into a powerful transmitter capable of emitting and receiving communications from hundreds of miles away.

After an EMP, this will be one of the only sources of communication left, giving you an important tactical advantage and access to vital information.

How to Pump Water Without Electricity

I’m also going to show you how to make a PVC hand pump that you can use either when the electric pumps stop working or for your daily needs. The materials for the handpump cost only $17.50, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go.

Hoop House Raised Beds with Pest Protection

I’m also going to show you how to add the easy harvest raised beds with a hoop house to your garden. Your plants will thank you for protecting them from pests and bad weather by growing faster and larger to provide you with more calories and nutrients. This project is great for you especially if you don’t have time to tend to a big garden, don’t want to work hard, or bend a lot, BUT you DO want to produce extra food with minimum space and effort.

How to Get Hot Running Water For Free

I’ll also show you how to make a simple water heater that provides you with FREE hot water each time you use your stove. This heating coil, as I call it, can be made and added to any wood stove in under an hour to give you hot water for life. If you choose to connect it to the off-grid shower, you’ll have an off-grid hot water shower.

How To Cool Your House Without Power

You’ll also discover how to make an ingenious no-grid air conditioning unit that you can use even if the power is out. So, how would you like to be able to stay inside during the hot summer months and not break a sweat thanks to this invention?

And all I’ve shown you until now are just 27 out of the over 75+ Ingenious DIY Survival Projects you’ll discover inside this book. You will also find the blueprints and instructions for:

  • How To Make Your House Invisible to Looters
  • An Underbed Pantry That Hides Your Food and Valuables in Plain Sight
  • A Simple Device That Can Keep You Off FEMA’s Radar
  • The Easiest Portable Stove You’ll Ever Build
  • How to Make Pioneer Biscuits That Last for 100 Years Without Electricity
  • A complete DIY Medical Kit from The Dollar Store
  • The Most Powerful Survival Food You Can Make At Home (20+ Years Shelf Life)

  • Automatic Fish Trap for Ponds and Rivers
  • The Hidden Gun Wall
  • The Off-Grid Washing Machine (doesn’t need any power)
  • What Happens if You Dip Eggs in Glass?
  • The Rooftop Coil Water Heating System
  • DIY Motion Activated Lights to Reveal Intruders at Night
  • DIY Wind Turbine From Salvaged Motors

  • 6 Amish “Powers” You Should Master Before The Next Crisis
  • How to Build a Powerful Long-Range Communication Device
  • The EMP-Proof Survival Generator
  • How To Make The All-Weather Fire Starter
  • Don’t throw away wood pallets. Do THIS Instead!
  • How To Make Your Own Toilet Paper Rolls
  • The $5 DIY Water Filter

  • Cabbage Bandages for Wounds and Inflammation
  • Homemade MREs That Last for 5+Years
  • How to Turn Your Garbage into Fuel
  • The $10 Jerky Maker
  • What Survival Projects You Should Make from Used Tire Rims
  •  DIY 2400 Calorie Food Bar to Feed You All-Day

  • The Wood Heated Off-Grid Shower
  • How To Catch Your Next Meal Without Effort
  • How Do You Make A Propane Tank To Heat Your Home Forever?
  • A Bread That Will Last A Lifetime Without Refrigeration
  •  A Complete Medicinal Garden on just 8 by 10 Feet
  • The Most Powerful 40 Remedies You Can Find In The Wild

  • How To Get Rid of Pests Without Harming Them
  • The Modular Self-Sustaining Greenhouse
  • How To Built The Oven That Cooks Without Fire, Fuel, Smell or Smoke
  • What Happen If You Hang Meat In Your Backyard?
  • High Pulse Protection Faraday Cage
  •  The High-Yield Aquaponics Farm

And really there are so many other ingenious and totally out-of-the-box designs waiting for you inside No Grid Survival Projects. All of them come with building videos attached as I’ve mentioned where I take you through every step myself. The time to add these projects to your property is now before it’s too late.

+ 3 Bonuses Included for FREE and

24/7 One on One Support

If you get No Grid Survival Projects today, you’ll also take advantage of - a limited offer - of 3 exclusive gifts that will be off the table soon:

The first bonus is called How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way. This is a day-by-day guide that shows you exactly what to do after an EMP every day for 30 days straight using the survival skills of our ancestors.  

*The gift is available in digital format only

The second bonus is 75 Items you Need to Stockpile Before a Collapse, and I think you should check this list immediately to see which items you’re still missing because you probably won’t be able to get them in a crisis. Many are very counterintuitive but still easily obtainable today. Stockpile them for survival and as precious bartering commodities.

*The gift is available in digital format only

The third bonus you’ll receive is How to Make an Herbal Apothecary. You'll need this one for the extremely detailed instructions on how to build your own natural pharmacy from scratch using the plants grown in your medicinal garden or the ones you forage for around the house.

*The gift is available in digital format only

The 'No-Grid Survival Projects' Book

So, today you can get No-Grid Survival Projects on your bookshelf, the videos showing the footage of each step outlined in the book, How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way, 75 Items That You Need to Stockpile Before a Collapse, How to Make a Herbal Apothecary, access to the members area, and 24/7 support for a one-time payment of just $37.

What People Are Saying About No Grid Survival Projects

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A treasure trove!

I only just started this book, and since we get constant power outs (ha, a lot of practice for long grid downs or the rolling blackouts the new says are coming) just the info on water alone was enough for five stars. Many interesting projects, admittedly I may not do but a small amount of them, but the info is laid out VERY clearly, with links for materials, and the steps are clear for the projects I have scanned thus far.
A huge amount of work has gone into this book, and you can feel his enthusiasm and joy in building these contraptions! I think it is worth more than the price....the book is beautiful, full of color. I may order a few more for gifts. Very surprised....not "just another" off grid book. The best I have ever seen.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Even if you’re just interested in saving some money [...] this is a perfect book.

“This book has been perfect for me. I am someone who loves DIY, and someone who wants to be prepared for when things go wrong.

I’ve gotten a few books like this one before and had previously been disappointed. Either by the relatively small number of projects, or by poorly written instructions.

Not the case with this book! So many projects that are all relevant! Excellent step by step instructions taking all the guesswork out!

Even if you’re just interested in saving some money, and being a little bit of a homesteader. This is a perfect book.”

Mikey Cordes

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Interesting Projects For No-Grid Living

This book has a lot of DIY (do it yourself) projects. Some of the projects covered are, water collection, storage, filtration, food storage, gardening, making traps, solar and electrical, security, etc. These projects are not only for emergency situations but everyday living. The author has many interesting projects, that can not only apply to prepping but backyard improvements and fun family projects as well. Each project has a skill level rating plus all the hardware needed to complete the project and links where you can purchase the item needed. Also, easy to follow instructions and how much each project is projected to cost. A wealth of knowledge for any handy or creative person.”  

R. C.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very straightforward instructions...

“Watching current world events, many of the projects in this book have real world application. We in the US take our electrical grid for granted, but what if it went down, even for a few weeks. This book provides detailed instructions for electrical power generation using solar panels, and a Gilligan’s Island type bicycle generator.

Each project comes with a parts list, photos of each part, and the source the author used for the part. I just received my copy yesterday and today, I am cleaning my garage out so I have workspace to start a couple of the projects. This is a good investment in my humble opinion!!”

Patrick M.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The book delivers everything promised on the website

We love DIY projects and this book is a must-have on our resource bookshelf ! The book delivers everything promised on the website. The articles are developed in detail, and include step by step instructions, photos and where to find or purchase materials. Since our purchase we have installed solar panels and are working on aquaponics.

This a book filled with useful self -sufficiency projects you will enjoy reading about AND doing ! I recommend buying the paper version because you will want to have it with you while building -cooking-creating.”  

Leigh Barrett

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great ideas, easy to follow DIY instructions

This book is a must have in your library. Having served in the USCG Aviation for 20 years, I see the great value in this book when it comes to survival training, from islands, swamps, at sea and extreme cold weather in Antarctica this book would of served me well.
 It's style and organization is just amazing, filled with great information for the novice and to the pro. Well done and worth the money.
Please make more books using the same well organized system. I will do a book review in my hometown newspaper for this book, everyone must have a copy at hand for the coming days. May God continue to bless your efforts.

Senior Chief Tom Wynn USCG Ret.

Keep-the-book Money-Back Guarantee!

You will also be covered by my KEEP-THE-BOOK MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

You have a full 60 days to try No Grid Survival Projects. If at any time during those 60 days you are NOT COMPLETELY satisfied with this guide, send us an email or message and we will refund you the price of the book. It’s as simple as that!

You can choose to keep the physical book, even if we refund you the $37.

Why You Should Get it Now

It’s obvious that these projects will save you much more than the price of this book. I am talking about the money you pay each month on electricity, water, food, medicine, and most of the things you can easily produce yourself! These savings will add up month by month.


But the most important thing is that this book can help you live in a world without electricity, and you can’t really put a price on that. Going to a FEMA camp is often a risky bet. Instead, you’d probably be better off living out a crisis from the security of your own home and on your own terms, where you are in charge and where you don’t depend on anyone else.

Limited Number of Books Available:

Unfortunately, this book is printed in a limited edition, so I am not sure how long it will be available. It’s possible that when you’ll need it most, you won’t be able to get it! We’ve all seen how important items like food, gas, generators, batteries, seeds, and even toilet paper vanish in the first few hours or sometimes minutes of a disaster.


What do you think will happen with a book like this in the next crisis?

Many people already got No-Grid Survival Projects, not to use it immediately but to have it in their house, just in case.


This book is NOT available in stores and can be purchased only from this website, at this moment.


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